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Cool Mist Humidifier - 2.5L - Black

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    • LARGE CAPACITY & COOLING ATMOSPHERE: Get the most sleep at night, without disturbance from mist noise or waking up for a water refill for your humidifier. This humidifier has a wider storage tank that stores liquid up to 2.5L capacity and super functional device that works up to 24-hours of humidifying.
    • 360 NOZZLE SPRAY + ADJUSTABLE MIST OUTPUT COOL HUMIDIFIER: Our nozzle sprayer provides all-around humidification that will keep your entire bedroom comfortable, cool, and fresh air during napping or sleeping. 
    • DISCRETE MIST + POWER SAVING AUTO SHUT-OFF MECHANISM: Nothing is more delightful than having a humidifier device that provides super quiet mist - less than 30dB, design with ultrasonic technology. This cool-mist humidifier has inside low water protection for when it is low on water. The automatic power-off function starts when the water has been used up to ensure safety.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great Price, Great Product!

    This humidifier is the perfect size, it's easy to clean, holds a good amount water in the tank, turns off automatically when it runs out of water and most of all it's QUIET. My toddler has asthma and at night she gets congested. I have been using this humidifier for two days now...she has slept peacefully like a baby should without any congestion. This is one of the best products I've ever purchased.

    Diver Brad
    Great value

    I don't have anything to dislike about this product. It is quiet unless at the highest setting, and then it puts out more mist that my Honeywell humidifier and this one cost less. The water tank is huge as well. If I were to have any complaints the only one would be that power light is a little bright, we are using it in our kids room though and you can't tell with their night light on.

    S Myers
    First rate customer service ....

    We only got 3 months use of this until it stopped working. Requires frequent cleaning. Unusually bright on-light which we had to cover with black tape to avoid lighting up the bedroom at night.Update- after a good cleaning it started working again. Customer service reached out and offered to send out a new one which we will no longer need. Very impressed.

    Tam A.
    Beautiful unit that fits perfect with my decor

    First of all I received this when promised with out any problems and upon opening the box everything was in perfect condition. I was able to go from box to use in a matter of minutes without any problems. it works great! now granted I have only been using this for about 2 days, it hasn't so much as hiccuped. the mist is cool and it operates very quietly so I am able to sleep without any noise, which is very important for me. if anything goes wrong within the next couple of months I will do a new review, but I do not anticipate any problems as this came highly recommended. I would definitely purchase this again.

    Very quiet, holds plenty of water!

    This is a very quiet machine. It's not silent, but wouldn't keep you up at night. I like that it holds so much water. There is a very bright light on the front. I’ve covered it and it’s not a problem, but would serve as a nightlight at night. I've only been running for a few hours and I love it already. I purchased to help alleviate dry skin and nasal passages - excited to see this thing work!

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