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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - 1800 mAh - Blue

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  • 4 Clean Modes Cater to Your Needs: This Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner supports 4 clean modes including auto clean, spot clean, wall follow clean, and manual clean. Freely switch between different modes and power levels as you want via an app.
  • Long Battery Life & Self-charging: This vacuum is equipped with 1800 mAh lithium iron phosphate batteries giving it a long battery life and up to 100- minutes of run time (Low suction running mode). The robotic vacuum cleaner will go back to the charging base automatically when it runs out of battery or finishes vacuuming.
  • Smart App & Easy Control: You can easily create a home clean schedule, change the clean mode, and control the clean direction by using the OKP app. The auto vacuum cleaner robot is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to make the robot start and stop the clean by voice commands. 
  • FreeMove Technology 2.0: Equipped with upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors technology, this robotic vacuum cleans your home in an efficient way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Easy to clean and maintain, very powerful suction!

I bought this robot because my I-life is almost 4 years old. I read all the specifications before buying it to compare with other robots. I was surprised to see that OKP K2 is much better than my I-life since it does not have the brush outside which is a pain to clean. It arrived in two days and after charging and putting to work it did a great job. It is suction power is of 1800 mAh comparing to mine which is only 1000mAh. I am in love with it.

Works great and quiet

With the app you can set up a schedule which is nice. The wheel wells are not open like most so I have yet to see something get caught in them. With the 3 power levels you can bring down the noise, but even on high you can easily talk over it. Does a great job! I’m one of those that are picky about my floors and this was still finding dirt that I didn’t so I have no problem turning the task completely over to it. On low power it’s lasts a very long time - most days I send it home since it’s covered everything several times. The trap is easy to clean. Really worth it!

A. Sinyard
Great Vacuum for Pet Parents

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. So far, we are loving our beloved vacuum. It has navigated our home with ease and has made it feel so much cleaner. We have three dogs and a cat, so you can only imagine how much hair covers our floors. We are now able to walk on our floors without shoes/socks without feeling like we need to deep clean our feet.The app does not provide a floor plan of your house/you are not able to create one, but honestly, it doesn't matter.The vacuum does have a hard time finding the dock again when it's far away - so I sometimes have to help it out by bringing it closer, but that's not a big deal to us either.

I don't usually leave reviews but this thing is great!

I totally impulse bought this item. When I got it, I was like "eh, I'll try this once and probably end up sending it back." After using it once, I was honestly really impressed. It picked up A LOT of stuff. I've been running it every few days and it definitely helps keep my floors clean in between actual cleaning.A few things to note - I haven't been able to make it go back to it's base using the button on the remote, but I don't mind that, I just pick it up and put it back when it's time to be done. It's not super quiet, but it's not nearly as loud as a regular vacuum. For the price, I'm still super happy with it. It does great and would totally buy it again.

Amy McCool
Small and quiet

It's only run twice since I got it, but seemed to work really well. Much quieter and smaller than my roomba, for sure. If I could find the thing, I'd run it more often, but it's so small it's hidden itself somewhere and I haven't seen it in a few days. I love that it gets into those small spaces my roomba doesn't get, though - just wish it would come back out. I especially love the remote control option.

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