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Wi-Fi Thermostat - 5 Day Weather Forecast - Black

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  • Advanced control from anywhere using your Android or iOS device.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system.
  • Energy Star certified, plus you can save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs. Compared to a hold of 72F.
  • Thoughtfully designed to illuminate when you are nearby. Check the temperature, humidity, and 5-day weather forecast.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great thermostat, great support - serious savings

I got one of these for Christmas 2017, and installed it the following day. I have a smart home and mainly got it because I like to automate everything. I was surprised by how much of a difference this thing made. I just installed my second one last week on our top floor. Our house is 3 stories and nearly 6K sqft - additionally, it is propane powered heat, so it can get expensive if not managed properly.First off, the installation can be tricky because nobody wires HVAC systems in a uniform fashion. I did it wrong both times but I called support and 5 minutes later, they were both working perfectly. Send them a few pictures and they tell you how to change up your wiring. The app is great and makes it easy to set your schedules and modes. I have them both integrated via smartthings and alexa, so changing settings is super simple even from the comfort of your easy chair.I decided to get a second one after I reordered propane last month. I expected 1300 gallons, and only needed 1000, so I saved 300 gallons of propane over the same period of the previous year. Propane goes for between $2-$3/gallon, so these things will pay for themselves in months if you set them up properly around your schedule - I saved ~$750 from December 2017-September 2018. The 3 lite has everything I need. Love the subtle refined looks unlike Nest which screams "look at the smart thermostat!"Anyway, house is comfy when you walk in the door at night, vacation modes are handy and integrates with smart hubs and Alexa to complete my geek thing. I'll be ordering a 3rd when I add a zone for the basement in the spring.

Great Product and Excellent Instructions

Was a little skeptical at first with wiring the PEK to the furnace control board but simply followed the excellent directions and viola! My home now has a smart thermostat. I have performed various wiring but never with HVAC and was thinking I would have some special case but the directions were explicit (Large pics too!). If you can work a screw driver and figure out how to access your furnace control board the rest is easy to accomplish.

Customer support is absolutely fantastic

I installed this unit myself and connected it to my ancient boiler. There were only two wires coming out of it and they literally showed me exactly what I needed to buy to get it hooked up and they walked me through the setup free of charge.Syed from ecobee support is absolutely fantastic. I email him pictures of my boiler and the connections and he walked me through every step-by-step. That guy deserves a pay raise.

Easy and convenient

I like this unit because I wanted to be able to control the temperature without getting out of bed. The only issue I have is with the sliding temperature control because it makes it a bit difficult to “dial in” the exact temp. Maybe it’s just me? I think the unit would have been better if the temp control was a plus / minus or up and down arrow. Otherwise it works well and was very easy to install.

Easy to use/control

I found this thermostat easy to install. It’s also very intuitive to use. The screen is responsive. I like that it integrated with Ohmconnect also. That allows me to earn extra rewards. Overall, this is the best smart thermostat I’ve had.

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