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Baby Crib Mobile - White

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    • Musical Crib Mobile: This musical mobile is designed with a winding drive, with no batteries needed. The soft melodies help babies fall asleep. 
    • 360Rotation Mobile: The special soothing motion of the mobile captures the baby's attention and keeps them engaged. Each plush piece dances overhead keeping your baby entertained.
    • Soft Plush Pendant: The mobile pendant is soft enough and can be taken off. It includes a bear, cloud, moon, and stars. It is simple to install on your baby bed or stroller.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    My baby LOVES this mobile. It doesn’t require batteries, can be easily moved, and keeps my baby excited and entertained. The only negative is that I wish the spinning/music played for a longer time frame

    Ashley K
    Cute and easy to use!

    Mobile was easy to put together and put on crib. you tie the string for the animals on yourself so you can make them as long or short as you need. My 6 month old loves it!

    Easy to assemble

    My baby loves it. He stays calm with it for a long periods of time. It’s very easy to assemble

    Baby Crib Mobile Music Box Holder Arm...be creative yourself

    It fits my crib perfectly, and I can easily change the height of the arm from 26 inches to 34 inches (with one arm extension). The good and also bad part of this item is the music box is running with spring. It cannot play the music for long term, but it doesn't need battery change.

    Brian Kirkbride

    Really cute mobile. Very happy with it! My only note is that if the boards on your crib are wide, the plastic arm may not fit. We could just barely squeeze it on the side of ours.

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