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Baby Bath Thermometer - Blue

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    • EASY TO GET STARTED: No ON/OFF button, for the first time just to open the battery cover and remove the paper divider in the battery compartment. Tighten the battery cover your thermometer TURNS ON automatically, place it into the bathwater, you will get accurate and stable water reading within 5-seconds. If the thermometer is dry and placed still around 30-minutes, it will TURN OFF automatically.
    • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Made from single piece BPA-free gentle plastic with a built-in sealed battery, all thermometers are IPX7 waterproof rated, and have been tested and inspected strictly before they leave the factory. 
    • MULTI-PURPOSE: Your thermometer can easily be used to measure the temperature of your bathtub or child's bedroom. 
    • TWO TEMPERATURE MODES: The thermometer can display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Cute and functional

    I'm currently enjoying using this cute guy in the tub during my pregnancy to make sure the temp doesn't go over 100 degrees, but one day I will enjoy it with my son. It is a fun addition to a bubble bath for kids and adults!

    Natalie Smith
    Just want I needed

    Works great and is cute too

    Works great

    Works great

    Kelsi Canavan
    Love this!

    I love this little bath thermometer! It turns on by itself once out in the water and shuts off once dry, it lights up to let you know when the water is too hot so you don’t even need to read the screen! Currently using for pregnancy and will continue to use once baby is here!

    Genius little thing

    I cannot even tell you how much trouble at bath time this has saved me! seems to be very accurately reading water temp so far

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