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Video Calling Camera - 8" Display - Charcoal

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  • Alexa can show you a more compact 8" smart display ready to help manage your day, entertain at a glance, and connect you to friends and family.
  • This camera is made to fit your life. Cook along to step-by-step recipes and easily update your to-do lists and calendars. Choose the clock face that fits your style best and glance at the weather and traffic on your way out.
  • Control your smart home voice control compatible devices or manage them on the easy-to-use display. Ask Alexa to show you security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats. Create morning routines to start your day.
  • Connect with video calling and messaging. Call friends and family who have the Alexa app, an Echo device with a screen, or Skype. Make announcements to other devices in your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Absolutely wonderful! Should've bought sooner!

Totally love this! We bought the original Show the year it came out, but the screen was having issues, so we decided to replace it with this when it was on sale. So happy we did!! We use it in conjunction with our Ring doorbell and we use it to call other family members for video calls (hey - not all of use have iphones for facetime!). I was worried the screen would be small like the Echo Show 5, but it's as large as our original, boxy Show.I keep it in the kitchen to play music and it sounds fine. I love that the lyrics come up too - discovered that I'm quite wrong on a LOT of lyrics, lol! You can even watch Youtube videos! I'll show Holderness Family videos to my hubby or son before dinner.We even bought one for my mom because her cat was pushing her smaller echo show 5 off the counter and it had a cracked screen but still works. She's much happier with the Echo Show 8 - larger screen and she has it in the kitchen so she can video chat while she sews. (She did keep the smaller show 5 by the couch so that the cat won't bother the new one.)The Echo Shows are so great, you'll wish you got them sooner! (Note: obviously to video chat, the person on the other side also needs an Echo Show - but with them going down on price, it's easier than ever to gift them for birthdays or holidays!)

Daddio Dave
Works great with the Ring doorbell

We've had a Ring doorbell for many years now. We started with the standard Ring doorbell and then upgraded to two of the Ring Doorbell Pros. The main drawback to using the Ring to answer your door is having a phone or tablet available and then opening the Ring app to be able to answer the door. This turned out to be inconvenient, so we rarely used this feature. Now that has purchased Ring and made the Echo Show work seamlessly with the Ring, the situation has changed for the better. Since we've purchased a Show 8, a person ringing our Doorbell Pro will now be spontaneously displayed on the Show. My only complaint is that the image shows for only about 15 seconds before reverting back to the background display. It would be nice if this stayed on longer (like 30 or 60 seconds). Of course it's relatively easy to ask Alexa to show the front door, which will bring the image back up (and keep it up indefinitely). Basically, if you use a Ring doorbell, you need an Echo Show to make the system work well for answering the door when at home, and it does work well.UPDATE 12/5/20: Using the Alexa app, I was able to write routines to make the Echo Show 8 even more versatile. If the Ring camera detects any motion, I have the Show 8 announce the camera detecting motion and then show about 60 seconds worth of live video feed from that camera. This all happens automatically, so I can glance over to the Show 8 to see if anyone is there (most often it's a passing squirrel). I also have a routine that turns on my front porch light (via a TP-Link Kasa smart switch) for a few minutes if the front door camera detects any motion while it's dark out. This helps me clearly see who is there when the Show 8 automatically shows that camera feed. This home automation thing is pretty nifty.Otherwise, I find the Echo Show 8 to be a very nice device. The music sound quality is fantastic, better than our other Echos. The image quality on the screen is also great. We use the Show as a digital picture frame with it playing our photos. These pictures look nicer than photos shown on our Google Home Hub, which sits next to the Show 8 (although the Home Hub is definitely satisfactory in this regard). We still haven't tried out all the other things that the Show 8 can do. Maybe some day :-)

meredith cruze
Always wait for Black Friday!!

I love my Echo Show 8! I should have waited a couple more days to order and I would have saved $20. doesn't do price adjustments on deal prices so always wait.

Lois Plone
Love love love this

We had the echo 5 for a few months and even bought one for our kids to use at their homes so we can all chat since we don’t all have the same smart phones and can’t FaceTime. When we discovered we needed a bigger one to do a group chat we bought this one. Well I love it a lot. The size is a shock when you first get it. My son calls is a small tv bc it seems so much bigger then the 5! You get use to it quick bc I love all the things we can see and do. Of course you can do all the same things as the smaller one but since we are older I like this more. We are keeping our 5 too bc we can use that in another room.The screen quality is great and the sound is too. It’s durable and looks great. I wish it was a little slimmer but i understand it is needed to sit properly. My daughter said the picture looks great and you can definitely see more on the screen. We are now buying one for each of our kids so we can do group chats.I recommend this if you will use the screen for reading recipes, group chats, have a hard time reading small print, or watching movies. But really you can’t go wrong with any of these. I do recommend researching stands bc we needed one to lift it off of the table more. Be careful with the stand you purchase bc we ordered one that is terrible for this. Our 5 stand we bought was wonderful but this one not so much. The echo itself is great.

A Godsend for my Father in Assisted Living

After my mother passed away in March, three days later my 93 year old Dad was locked down in his assisted living facility. We have only seen him through the window a few times and I talked to him for hours every day to keep his spirts up. He has an Alexa dot and talks to that every day too. I then found the Alexa Show 8 and bought two, one for our place and one for his. Yesterday, after completing a special application, I was able to get in to hand deliver and set this up in his room. He was so happy and loves playing around with it, and best of all, we get to see him every day. Now if I could just deactivate that drop in feature, lol!I know a lot of people say the "Try this" feature is annoying, but he loves that and it helps him learn new things to do everyday! Thanks !

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