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Security Surveillance Camera - 1TB - 4 Cameras

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  • Easy Setup: The wireless video security system is easy to setup and DIY installation (need plug power supply), these Wi-Fi cameras are paired with NVR at the manufacturing site. Connect PC/TV monitor to NVR by a VGA/HDMI cable. Support connect with a router by 2.4Ghz Wi-fI network or router by Ethernet cable. 
  • H.265+ Video Compression: Compared with H.264, H.265+ is able to double data compression ratio, while improving video quality with low bit-rate, It enables the IP camera to deliver smooth HD video with low bandwidth, in turn, reducing the Network bandwidth and saving up to 50% video storage space. 
  • Stunning 2K Ultra-HD Video: One-way audio 3.0MP presents 2304x1296 megapixels about 1.5 times clearer than 1080P. The 3-array Infrared LED allows you to see up to 65ft night vision even in darkness. With IP66 waterproof metal material housing, cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. The outdoor security camera system also allows you to see and listen to people on your property remotely.

Customer Reviews

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Better in everyway than expected ~!

This System for monitoring video of our home for the front and back yard and even one camera inside for the main living area is just what we wanted. The video quality is really good and even better when you tweak the settings manually. We love the not too obnoxious sound warning when motion is detected. We had to set the sensitivity of motion detection at 25 Percent because flying insects were setting off the motion warning at higher settings. The install took me my wife and my brother-in-law the whole day to do so don't think this is a 2 hour project. Nope it is a major install cutting through walls to get the AC power to the cameras and the rest of the install. But before you get discouraged just think you will not have to recharge batteries every three weeks and monkey with knocking the camera off their viewing angle all the time. Once this system is installed it is a dream to use and does the job perfectly so put in the work up front and you will love it. The large recording hard drive is a fantastic benefit especially if you DON'T have any intention of paying storage or monitoring rip off fees. All in all I would buy this system again and I recommend it to anyone that wants a great surveillance system that is both effect easy to use and easy on the pocket book too. Thank you to Hiseeu ~!

Fantastic product support

It's a great product & easy to set up right out of the box. I had to hire an electrician to run 110v to the 4 cameras in the attic since I'm not physically able to do it myself. I had trouble connecting camera 4 to the router (the furthest from the router). This is not surprising since I have trouble with IPads at this location. One of the fixes is to connect camera to router with Ethernet cable. This requires removing the camera which is mounted under the eves of he house. I can easily do that but I can't get up in the attic to get the power supply! Hiseeu is sending me another one - free of charge. They have been one e-mail away giving me fantastic support.The equipment is great, the pictures are great day/night and you can't ask for better support.5 stars all around & a big thumbs up!Tom McElhinney

Great value system

I have never purchased a camera security system before. That being said, I found the system to be extremely user-friendly and very professional in its quality, especially for the price. As stated, the cameras come pre-configured to the NVR unit which made it literally Plug and Play.The cameras are Wireless in their transmission to the NVR unit, they do require a 120 volt standard outlet for the 12 volt DC power supply to the camera. They come with 10 foot long cords. If need be, extension cords are available in all lengths as a standard type plug.The NVR unit has many different options, and seems to be easy to add or delete a camera from the system. It also seems to have the ability to add a backup using a memory stick if you wanted. You can also configure the system to only operate and record at certain times which may be helpful in certain instances.I was really impressed by the picture quality from the cameras, even when dark. The infrared from the camera seems to be really good. You can realistically expect decent signal strength going through walls and ceilings as long as the camera is not too far away. I set up a demo in my garage which is detached and going through four walls approximately 50 feet away.The app works well and is very easy to use.Overall i am really impressed with the whole system.

Buckman Bill
Does job perfectly

I had very good luck so far with this product. The installation went very well. I am not to happy with the IP pro3 App. It is very confusing to operate. the Essee cloud app is very good on the computer.I bought another system from another company that was almost the same but their service was terrible. I have not needed any service so far but I will change my review if they don't come through for me. I think the clarity of the videos is outstanding and the playback is very good once you get on to it.All in all I think it is a good product but you need to be a savvy to operate it.Review upgrade.I have had the system almost a month.I have had no problems and have not called for support.The Ip pro3 app is working fine once I got on to it.All in all I think this is a very good system. Not too bad for an 83 year old man

Great value for NVR and 4 cameras

Update: I must compliment Johnny and their customer support for taking care of me. I Would not hesitate in purchasing this system again ! Great camera and NVR plus tech support is awesome !Update: I have been using this security camera system for over a year now and been working well except for one problem. The hard drive was not being detected so I contacted Johnny (who replied promptly) he gave me a check list of things to look for... one being a disconnected HD cable on the inside of the NVR...low and behold it wiggled out , I reconnected and booted right up!! Probably my own fault during the move, I am sure the boxes bounced around some. Long story short, the system still works great but one of the most important things is the support you will receive if something does happen, check with Johnny and he will get you running again !I received my order last week and finished installing over the weekend. It took me around 4 hours but my 3 level house is rather large at over 5K square feet. Plus I took my time tucking and routing power wires into the house.First off the cons: Camera didn't work on the upstairs, wi-fi signal wouldn't reach far corner of that area. I tried the booster antenna, moved NVR, adjusted antennas etc...no signal or very weak intermittent signal. I assume that a booster might solve the problem? My router/ modem is located in the basement , plus I have a wifi extender on the middle level.Next Con: Power cables were a little short for the locations I chose to mount them. I ordered extension power cables just for this reason. Worked fine after that.Now the Pros: For the money this is a decent bundle, you get the 4 cameras, NVR recorder with hard disk , Booster antenna , and all the hardware for installation.Camera video quality is very good, much clearer than what I expected.NVR software and app works great ! I was surprised that everything was up and running in minutes. I can remote view on my phone anywhere !I have one camera mounted outside of the garage, rained all day Saturday and the camera is still working fine. I will update if something happens with this camera.Night vision seems to be working fine as well.I will update with more information for long term testing, I've only had installed for a couple days now. But so far, I am pleased with the camera set up ! Good video picture quality for the money !

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