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Smart Video Calling Camera - 10" - White

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  • Easily video call with friends and family using your Messenger or WhatsApp account, even if they do not have Portal.
  • This smart camera automatically pans and zooms, keeping everyone in the frame while you move and talk freely.
  • The smart sound enhances your voice while minimizing unwanted background noise.
  • Easily disable the camera and microphone, or block the camera lens with a single switch. All Portal video calls are encrypted.
  • See and do more with Alexa built-in. Control your smart home, listen to your favorite music, watch the news, get the weather, set a timer, and more.
  • Experience even more together. Join or host a group call of up to 50-people with Messenger Rooms.
  • Work smarter from home with partners like Zoom and Workplace from Facebook. Connect with co-workers even if they are remote.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great For Families and the Elderly

We got this for our 84 year old dad who wishes he could see and talk to his kids and grand kids more often. It's easy enough for him to use (he just clicks on the person he wants to call or even says "Hey Portal, call Mike") and the video and sound quality is EXCELLENT.The "follow your face" feature is truly amazing and it makes it so easy for him to sit wherever he wants when talking with us.

Amazing for video calls with loved ones and to have them see photos from Facebook

Absolutely amazing video calling experiencing. My parents don't use Facebook much but with the product they can see most recent photos posted to Facebook automatically on the device. Think of all the electronic photo frames that go useless and boring since they show same stuff over and over, and imagine how much better it can be when it shows fresh photos instead.Hardware definitely is top notch and I'm looking forward to see what software improvements come to the product.

George B.
A perfect way to see and keep in touch with family and friends!

My two sons and their in-laws all have one, so we got one for Christmas. We put it on a shelf in a bookcase facing the big couch in our family room. What a simple, wonderful way to see, hear and visit with family ... especially grandkids ... more often! And so simple to use ... Just touch the image of the person you wish to see and chat with, or just tell Alexa to call so-and-so! Fantastic picture and sound quality. And the camera follows you if you need to move around the toom. There's more ... you csn load it with family photos. This is truly a must hav ed item! We love it!

Trina Ward
Even old people can use it!!

I bought this for my husband as a father's dat gift. He was really confused when he opened it, and kinda poo-poo'ed it. I unboxed it, set it up, logged onto FB, (my account of course as he is on NO social media), connected Alexa and Spotify. Now mind you, he didn't think much of Alexa before this, and couldn't understand why I had bought 6 more dots. I had our son, who is serving a mission for our church away from home, call us on messanger. HUBBY GONE WILD! He adores it!!! We conference with kids, (we have 9), and grandkids, (18 of them spread out everywhere). We can literally be there with them and read a book, say prayers, watch a game, etc., with the Portal. He called everyone he knew on it, just to tell them how cool it was and to show them the zoom and pan features it has. He struts around the kitchen while we make dinner, do dishes, eat breakfast and so on.Then I showed him what Alexa can do, and started a playlist for him on Spotify. He has 1010 songs! In 2 weeks! He has demanded a dot be put in his office and the garage, even by the pool.Don't think about it, just buy it! The Plus is worth the extra money. We are saving up to get each of our kids and parents a Plus for Christmas this year. I trust , so buying refurbished doesn't scare me one bit.

Much better with Youtube

My Portal Plus is better than I expected for version 1 of a device: the video tracking feature is able to follow me around the kitchen and keep me in frame, and the touchscreen is fast. The youtube support added just a day or two ago really improved the usability until more 3rd party apps are available.

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