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Wi-Fi Thermostat - OLED Touchscreen - 7 Day Scheduling

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    • Indoor air quality monitoring including humidity, total VOCs, and equivalent CO2.
    • Outdoor air quality reporting including allergens, air quality index and UV index. Compatability GLAS can control the following types of split or packaged units- Conventional, single-stage up to 2H/2C, Heat pump, up to 2H/2C/2 Aux Heat. GLAS is compatible with the following HVAC configurations- Gas Heat, Oil Heat, Electric Heat, and more. 
    • Beautiful user interface and a translucent OLED touchscreen.
    • Program your own schedule or allow GLAS to do it for you using the integrated occupancy sensor to create a comfortable space when you are at home.
    • Control multiple GLAS thermostats in different locations with one mobile app.
    • 7-day scheduling allows you to schedule multiple events per day.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Beautiful Thermostat

    My first order of the GLAS thermostat was not a success, not sure if we received a faulty product or my husband didn’t install it properly. So we gave this product a second try by returning the first thermostat and receiving a second one, and we are definitely in love/head over hills for this beautiful piece of tech. My home is much cooler than before, it’s functional properly as it should.

    Raymundo A Lopez
    Gorgeous and smart!

    By far the best and most beautiful thermostat ever!Smart too!

    Kevin J Albert
    GLAS is awesone

    GLAS is a very sleek smart thermostat. It’s very easy to use, and the display is crisp and clear. I had a four conductor wire in the wall, and their adapter (comes with thermostat) that installs in furnace for this case was easy to put in and worked without any headaches. Highly recommended...

    Andrew H
    Great first experience with a smart thermostat

    Install went as expected, had to paint a little around where my old thermostat was, and wiring was straightforward even though my existing wiring colors were off. It’s located in a high traffic area so I don’t get false auto away events, overall very pleased with my purchase. My favorite features are the remote access, and the ability to set a temp range instead of a standard hold temp on a regular tstat. Plus it looks fantastic.

    Very awesome

    Omg this is so cool. It works great with Alexa. It was easy to install also.

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