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Cool Mist Humidifier - 2.5L - White

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    • 7 COLORFULLY CYCLING NIGHT LIGHTS: With Color Choice Technology, this humidifier creates a sweet and romantic sleeping atmosphere, allowing you to sleep better.
    • 2-In-1 HUMIDIFIER & DIFFUSER: With unique craftsmanship, this 2-in-1 humidifier can suit all your needs at one time. Add some essential oils to the water tank directly.
    • 25dB OPERATES IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE: Working as quiet as grass sprouts, this cool mist humidifier offers you a whisper-quiet peaceful night with its strict noise control technology.
    • 2.5L EXTRA LARGE TOP FILLING DESIGN: No need to struggle with tricky cleaning and refilling. With an unmatched top-filling design, this cool mist humidifier has a super large opening, giving you a fast and quick 10-second clean.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Ashleigh B.
    Great humidifier with impressive features!

    I needed to buy a Humidifier to take care of my plants. But then, I realized that I need to look after my skin health.This humidifier is very gorgeous and large!It has a large tank that holds so much water and doubles as an oil diffuser! Plus its also quiet and peaceful. Even in Sleep Mode.When I first set up my humidifier, the mist wasn't going high enough, I thought I set it up incorrectly. I had placed it underneath a layer of a towel that protects the bookshelf.After reading the directions carefully, I found out the device must function on a flat, hard surface with nothing underneath it.Upon that realization, I placed it on top of the mini-fridge and the device worked perfectly.The mist was going as high as a geyser!I was impressed immediately.I learned that if you place the humidifier on a soft surface, the mist won't go as high and the device's motor will overheat and malfunction if left operating too long.If you place the humidifier on a flat and hard surface, it'll function the way it should be.I love it so much!I'm very glad I bought this device.

    Easy Breezy Homasy Humidifier & Diffuser

    Just got it today, it’s beautiful, looks great, not too small and not too big. It was really easy & quick to put together. It’s pretty quiet, you can hear it but not to the point where it will keep you from sleeping.. It was easy to set up & really easy to clean. Most importantly, it works! We had static clean everywhere & no matter what we tried nothing works...It took about 1 hour & no more to make our entire bottom floor static free! The price is great & it’s not the most expensive & not the cheapest & you can add an essential oil to the tank & it really makes it smell amazing in our house.It also came with a 1 year warranty. It came with a a Card & a QR Code & I scanned it w/my phone, it took me straight to their website where I was able to sign up for a 1 year warranty with my order & that was it, very easy.I gave a 5 star rating for everything but I’ve only had it for 4 days. Once I’ve had more time & such, I’ll be back on here for an update on my review.

    This is my second one

    I love how nice this humidifier looks and the lighting. This is the second one I have bought of this same humidifier. I used my last one for about a year and a half before it got really disgusting from the really dirty sink water at my sister's house when I let her use it for a while. I would recommend only using filtered water so yours doesn't get bad since you can't really clean the inside of the inside tube and certain areas that for me got too dirty from the dirty water. I put it in the sink and used running water to try to wash it out and obviously that was a bad idea it like sparked and started burning when i plugged it back in after that so I threw that one out but honestly this is the prettiest option out there and does work to humidify me while I sleep so I don't wake up with a broken throat so yeah I bought it again lol.It's not loud i like the slight white noise honestly and the sleep mode is really convenient you just press the button all the way to the right and it goes completely dark so you dont have to worry about the little power light.

    Works great, good features

    We needed a new humidifier after ours bit the dust in early spring. I waited until the last possible minute, and I started getting my seasonal dry nose issues a day before it arrived. But with one night of running it, my nose feels great!The tank is large. I ran it on high last night because we hadn't been running a humidifier and it's been dry for days. It was SO quiet. We normally always have noise in our room because either a fan is running or the humidifier, but this is by far the quietest one we've had.While I LOVE that it opens from the top so you can clean it and fill it more easily, my only complaint is that now I need to use a pitcher to fill it, because the tank is still connected to the plugged in base. Otherwise, you'd need to unplug it and carry the whole thing to the sink, carefully keeping the cord away from the facet. I just wish there was a more comprehensive solution so the opening is big enough so we can clean it AND you can carry the tank to the sink to fill it. But I really haven't seen any that fit this need, and this is better than the too-small opening, so there's that.I didn't care a ton about how it looked but apparently its sleekness is appreciated by my husband. As soon as I got it out of the box, my husband said "wow, is this the humidifier? It looks cool."We haven't tried the night mode or using it with essential oils yet, but so far we are really happy with it. It's much better than the one we had before it, and it cost about the same.

    Everyone I Love Needs One!

    This product is AMAZING! Incredible quality and features. It doesn’t sputter or make creepy noises and the transitioning colors are so pretty! I love that the entire top opens to refill and doesn’t require awkward lifting and upside down twisting to refill it. From the second I turned it on I got the perfect whiff of my essential oil aroma, so many machines I’ve used in the past just dissipates the scent too fast but with this machine it must perfectly distribute the water and oil because it fills the entire room! It seems very easy to clean and even comes with a tool and instructions for care. I’m not worried my son is going to have trouble working it either which is a big plus for me. There are great settings options for the lights to be on or off and for the level of mist you want to come out. I am so bummed I wasted time and money on all these other humidifiers and diffusers when this is exactly what I have always needed! I want to buy one for everyone I love! Very pleased with my purchase!

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