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Robotic Vaccum Cleaner - 3 Stage Cleaning - Black

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  • CLEAN SMARTER - A great way to begin cleaning your home smarter. Just schedule it to clean up daily dirt, dust, and debris with the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant, for effortlessly clean floors.
  • LOOSENS, LIFTS, & SUCTIONS - The 3 Stage Cleaning system & Dual Multi-Surface brushes grab dirt from carpets and hard floors and an Edge-Sweeping brush takes care of corners and edges.
  • LEARNS YOUR LIFE LISTENS TO YOUR VOICE - Learns your cleaning habits to offer up personalized schedules, while Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start cleaning with just the sound of your voice.
  • ADAPTIVE NAVIGATION - A full suite of advanced sensors allows the vacuum to navigate under and around furniture and along edges. Cliff Detect keeps it from falling downstairs.
  • GOES WHERE IT'S NEEDED, AVOIDS WHERE IT'S NOT - Reactive Sensor Technology tells the robot where it can and cannot reach, which means less getting stuck and more knowing where to go. With Dirt Detect sensors, it focuses on cleaning where it is needed the most.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Life Changing For Someone With a Huge Shedding Dog!

I was skeptical about how useful this little guy would be, but I have been incredibly pleased with the job that it does, as well as how it has eased the workload in our home! We have a 90 lb. Hound, whose undercoat sheds so much that we vacuum daily and somedays, twice a day. I haven't vacuumed once in the eight days that I have had this gem!I found it to be disconcerting the first day, as it roams randomly in each room, zig zagging, making sudden turns and then abandoning a room to go to another location, before finishing the first room. The second day, I turned it on and left the house, leaving it to do its job. When I returned 2 hours later, all of the floors in the house were completely vacuumed. Is it perfect? No. However, if I only have to touch up a couple of spots once in a while, then I'm sold. Cleaning it is super easy and on the advice of other reviewers, I empty it after each use and wipe down the sides and the wheels (which only takes about 2 minutes).*** Make sure to pull up all small wires (i.e., stereo, etc), it will get stuck and wrap the wires in the moving parts (Detangling it was easy and caused no damage to the unit) Computer, Alexa and telephone wires,are fine.UPDATE on March 22, 2021So, it does like larger wires as well. I just shift them out of the way during our Robots' working hours.

Victorian decorator
I love it!

Being a senior, it is getting harder to vacuum, and I have dreaded it and put it off. I was using a Swiffer under the bed, but it wasn't easy getting down on the hardwood floors and doing that very often. We have a large old house with hardwood and couple of area rugs.We decided to get a dog, and ordered a Roomba in preparation for the shedding. Well, the dog doesn't shed, but I found out that there was a lot of dust hiding around before the Roomba came! I run it about every day and there is ALWAYS a lot of dust and hair in it. It is wonderful, saves my back and does a good job. I don't mind emptying it every time; it's easy! I did that with my Hoover anyway, for best performance.We probably will deep vacuum with the big vacuum cleaner once in a while on the rugs, but the house is really clean and dust free, and that is a plus for my husband's dust allergies. I only wish I had gotten one sooner.

J. Johnson
Worth Every Penny!!!!

I own 3 long haired dogs and this Model of Roomba is worth every Penny I paid for it! I run it every other day minimum on a mix of hardwood with throw rugs and it does a fantastic job, as you can see in the pictures I posted. I picked this particular Model because it has a bristled beater bar - some of the other Models have a rubber beater bar but with 3 hairy dogs I wanted one that would pick up as much hair as possible.To the people complaining about the amount of hair wrapped around the 2 under-rollers, um, it’s doing it’s job and picking up all that hair - why are you complaining? Lol.When I got this I initially had to clean it literally every 15 minutes for the first several times I used is... yes, I had THAT MUCH dog hair under my furniture that my regular vacuum was not getting to! Once it got all the old hair up (literally took 5 days of letting it run and cleaning it every 15 minutes) I can now let it run it’s full cycle until it decides it needs to go ‘home’ and charge again. The pics that I posted are from a normal every other day full cycle (bear in mind it’s mud and shedding season in New England, so it’s working hard!). The design makes cleaning the canister and both rollers pretty easy and while I bought the full accessory kit with all the replacement parts I’m happy to report that I’ve been running it 3-4 days a week minimum for over 3 months now and all the parts are holding up great.Definitely would buy again and literally don’t know why I ever waited this long to buy one! It’s a life saver and I can’t help but feel satisfied every time I clean it out knowing it’s doing a great job and all the dog hair is no longer building up under all my furniture.

M. Fischer
She is great

WE LOVE her.....named her "Betsy". She is loud as several have complained and I do have to (often) empty the container but I don't mind. I like knowing where she is and if she stops I know she might be stuck...although that has only happened twice. And I can 'see' show much dirt she collects. We have two little dogs , a cat and live in the country. Always tracking something in on our shoes...this time of year leaves. The only improvement for me would be that I could control what room she is cleaning or what room I would like cleaned. Even without those improvements I think this Roomba is terrific for us. I hope she lasts a long time.

Kent McLay
Best Home Appliance

I just recently bought a house, two of my best friends live with me and we also have two German shepherds. So for three dudes all under 25, and two dogs? This thing is basically a genie.Let’s be realistic people, this is a machine and it’s not perfect. It won’t get everything on its first go around, and that’s to be expected. If it really bothers you that much? Run the machine again, or use your actual vacuum.My roommates and I clean the house once a week, and I’m stunned at how dirty things get. None of us are dirty people, but dust and dog hair was a constant struggle. The roomba does an awesome job of cleaning, and gets a truly shocking amount of hair and dirt off the floor.Truly one of the best investments I’ve made since buying the house. It saves you a ton of time and keeps the dog hair level to a minimum.It is loud though not as loud as some vacuums however that is truly a small price to pay for how clean it gets things.Stop reading, you’ve seen the 5 star reviews just buy the thing.

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