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Mini GPS Tracker - Built-In Magnet

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  • Personal GPS for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets.
  • Ultra-compact design. 100% Waterproof. Built-in Super Strength Magnet.
  • Attaches to vehicles, fits in small pockets, discretely hides in a backpack, case, or purse.
  • Track & map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or SilverCloud App.
  • Text & email alerts, Geofencing, Vehicle Tracking, Location Reporting, and Historical Playback.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michelle Dawn
Works great for my boat fleet

Love knowing where my fleet boats are just by logging into the app on my phone. I run a sailing school, and sailboat rental. I used to have to wonder where the renter is, when I don't see the boat they rented back at the slip at the prescribed time. With this tracker, I can see how far out they are, etc. I can help them better if they get a bit lost and cannot find the correct marina to come back to. I also set a 'border' at the marina channel entrance so I get a text when a boat is leaving/entering the channel, in case I need to meet the boat at the dock, I have a notification for when I need to walk down to the slip. Battery lasts 2 days, maybe 3, but I just keep it charged so it doesn't die at an inconvenient time. I'll likely buy another for the busy season when I've got two boats out I want to know where they are. Right now I just put it on the boat that's going to be rented. I work at a mountain lake and the gps accuracy is still decent (occasionally shows the boat going over land, but that's rare). I got the 1min update, fine for sailboats that only go about 5, 6 mph �

Land Sir Sea GPS guided me to Truth

It was point on. I have a husband that likes to disappear at night for hours, sometimes overnight. His excuse is "hanging out with his boy". There's not that much hanging out with your boy without women involved. I just asked for honesty. I have never been jealous, but this is real suspect when you keep lying. I put the GPS under his back seat and it took me right to him. There he was, standing in a driveway leaning against his vehicle with a woman in front leaning on him. Without the Land Air Sea GPS, he would still be lying. I am now going through divorce. Yay

Michael G.
Works Exactly as Described

I chose this unit because of it's small size, built in magnet, and durable case. The other units I was considering needed an additional weatherproof case with magnets to be able so use on the outside of an asset. It has a very small footprint which is a huge plus also. Battery life so far is very good. I am using the 3 minute updates plan so that also helps with battery life as opposed to the more frequent updates plans. 3 minutes is very adequate unless you need constant exact location. The app that controls/tracks the unit is very easy to navigate. It gives me all the information I need without being overly complicated. I do prefer to use the desktop website though when it's accessible to me. After watching their placement video, I realized I placed the unit in the wrong orientation and in a bad location on my asset. Despite my poor placement, I am getting very accurate updates so signal strength is good. The monthly plans are comparable to the competition. I did plenty of research before purchasing this and it seemed like the best choice for my needs. So far that has proven correct.

Eric Owen
Easy to Conceal

Product is small and easy to conceal with a very strong magnet. I use it for my personal vehicle security and it works great. The real time feature is excellent because if my vehicle gets stolen I can follow it immediately and reacquire it before anything can be done to it which gives me much peace of mind. I've used other trackers and they don't compare to the quality of the car 54. Utilizing 4g lte service it never drops out or has issues being inside of a structure or other locations which tend to cause drops or blocking of the signal. I fully recommend this product.

Stetson Easter
Works Great

Took maybe 10-15 minutes to get the unit registered and tracking itself. Took it out for a trip around town while I had someone else tracked me. Even with the 60 second update plan, they were able to tell me when I was at each stop, the route that I took between stops, and even caught me making a stop I didn't tell them I was going to make. For the cost of the unit, and the low cost of the monthly plans (all options are reasonable), I don't think you could find much more to ask for. I haven't used it long enough to be sure on the battery life, but for the few hours I used it today, it didn't drop off 100%, so I'm sure it would last for several days, at least.Overall, I'm very satisfied, and would definitely buy again.

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