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White Noise Machine - 11 Soothing Sounds

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    • ALL IN ONE: A white sound machine and night light in one device that can be controlled from your smartphone. Set programs to turn off and on automatically based on the sleep schedule.
    • NO DISTURB NIGHT LIGHT: The portable white sound machine provides a soft light for midnight newborn feeding sessions.
    • SOOTHING YOUR CHILD: The sound machine helps children fall asleep more easily with 11 expert-recommended soothing sounds for babies, toddlers, and kids. It includes Fan, White Noise, Rain, Lullaby, Ocean Wave, Thunder, River, Bird, Ripple Sound, Music Box, and Crystal Ball sound.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great sound machine + night light

    This is a great product and WAY less expensive than the popular Hatch product that does similar things. Easy to turn the light up and down with a dial, and a good variety of different sounds. I really like the ocean and white noises. The thunder is a little startling, so we don't use that one. You can also use your phone to control it, so if you are WFH and can't get to the baby during a meeting, you can turn on the sound or light to keep your LO occupied until you can get to him/her. You can also create different light/sound presets for nap time or bed time. Don't get duped into buying the expensive one! Just get this one instead! :)

    Great Sound Machine for Baby

    We love this sound machine for our little one. The white noise function is perfect to drown out the noise in the rest of the house while the baby is sleeping. We can also control the light and sounds with Alexa so we can make adjustments to the room when the baby wakes up. Also we use it to help him self sooth and go back to sleep on his own with out us ever needing to go into the room. I would highly recommend this for all new parents!.

    Katie T.
    Best sound machine

    This product is great! We had just a basic sound machine that we replaced with this one, our daughter loves the music and sounds and the colors that it displays. Its nice to be able to control it with the echos and set schedules. Wish we would have got it sooner!

    Sandris Bajars
    This is great!

    This is one great light. It was easy to set up with Meross app and worked in minutes.Multiple light patterns, beautiful sounds. It is supposed to be for babies, but we use it mainly as alarm clock. Its nice to wake up with sounds of nature. Have o be careful though which one you use, because some of them put you in deeper sleep what is contraindicated in the mornings. Well but that is its main purpose after all :)

    Great smart nightlight/ noise machine

    The Meross nightlight/ noise machine is a well-designed product. The first time set up within the Meross app was easy, and the controls are intuitive and easy to understand. There is plenty of good color choices to choose from, as well as a good selection of sounds. I like that it is dimmable to your preference. Using it with Alexa and the google assistant was straightforward; although I would’ve liked to see HomeKit support as well. Overall a great purchase.

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