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Baby Movement Monitor - White

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  • A wearable baby monitor that easily clips onto your baby's diaper.
  • This monitor monitors your baby's breathing movement and will attempt to gently rouse your baby after 15-seconds of no breathing movement.
  • It will alarm after 20-seconds of no breathing movement allowing you to act quickly.
  • Heading out? Simply pop the monitor into your bag - no cords, wires, or complicated sensor pads.
  • No need to hover over your sleeping baby at night. Enable the tick mode to "hear" your baby's breathing movements at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Marissa Byrd
Love it!

After trying another popular monitor that I could not get the bluetooth to stay connected, I went with the Snooza and love it! Gives me just the piece of mind I needed and works just as it is supposed too!

Kendra Koopman
Best purchase!!

This is one of the best purchases ever! Before getting this my daughter couldn’t sleep in fear something would go wrong with her baby. Lack of sleep increased her anxiety and life began spiraling out of control.This monitor has given the family peace of mind, and much needed sleep back to these new parents. I only wish these existed when my children were babies.

I loved this product.

If you want a less expensive monitor compared to the owlet this is it. I loved this thing. It clips right on their diapers and beeps fairly loud if it can’t detect any motion. It did have a few false alarms but I’d rather the false alarms than the alternative.


The owlet is too expensive and now that my baby is older and playing with his feet I'm sure he would be taking that sock off his foot. He doesn't even notice the Snuza on his belly. He's 5 months now and I'm still using it. It has only beeped twice in one row in one night when he was a newborn and I thank goodness I had it on him.

Piece of mind

Used this for my second baby because for my first I was so scared he’d stop breathing I didn’t sleep this is great it’s loud enough to wake me does false alarm often if it falls of or moves off the tummy but I’ll deal with that for the HUGE piece of mind snuza gives

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