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Wi-Fi Thermostat - 2 Wire System - White

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    • UPGRADED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH HIGH-END CHIP: The 5th generation has the most stable connection cause it has a high-end chip.
    • EASY INSTALLATION, QUICK SETTING, EASY OPERATION: Installation can be completed within 30-minutes and you can become familiar with the operation within 20-minutes. It is easy to maintain, especially since batteries are not required.  cause there is no battery require, so no need to change the battery by month.
    • CONSISTANT MONEY-SAVING: This thermostat helps you save over 20% cost on HVAC expenses ( Data from the Xing laboratory) through the energy-saving mode, 7-day rational programming, remote access, etc.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Cody Sims
    Great value for the money.

    Almost didn't purchase because of the other reviews but glad I did. Setup and install was very easy. Only complaint is one of the two purchased sits a little higher off of the back panel when installed but for the price compared to other thermostats on the market it still deserves 5 stars to me.

    Just what I needed

    Great device with the ability to lock the screen for more temperature control. Nice modern look too. Easy to use app with temperature scheduling option. Love it

    Shawty Langg
    Love my purchase

    If I can do it, all can do it. It's an easy installation.

    Karla Balsano

    Don’t believe in the bad reviews.It was super easy to instal and it works perfectly.The app is great!

    Joe Saccente
    Simple and Straight forward

    Easy to install .Works as would be expected

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